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Az eredményes és környezetbarát szúnyogmentesség kizárólagos kidolgozója és megvalósítója Magyarországon.

Summary of biting mosquito control of Szeged in 2011

Summary of mosquito control of Szeged in 2011 - 2011-ben Szeged szúnyoggyérítéséből készült poszter eredményeinek az összefoglalása

The Culicidae-fauna in the city of Szeged was investigated by the authors in 1999. In this study in the course of the mosquito season, imagos were collected by chamber aspirators at different sampling points of Szeged then the captured imagos were identified via the characteristic features of the species. The main species observed in Szeged in 1999 were Culex pipiens molestus (46.9%), Culex modestus (10.1%) and Aedes vexans (10.1%). Between 1999 and 2011 no study was reported on mosquito assemblages living in Szeged. For the effective Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis treatment of the habitats situated in the area of Szeged, systematic exploration and mapping of mosquito breeding sites has been started in the city in 2011.

A RapidEye satellite image with a spatial resolution of 5 meters was digitally processed using ERDAS Imagine software. 5 spectral bands (3 visual and 2 infrared) were classified with the Maximum Likelihood supervised classification method to successfully identify areas covered with water. Field sampling data (density of mosquito larvae, characteristics of habitats etc) are integrated in an open source geographic information system (Quantum GIS) that provides not only tools for spatial statistics, but methods for analysis of spatial relationships as well.

In the frame of this study, we aim to investigate the possible changes in the composition of Culicidae-fauna in Szeged, with special regard to the emergence of new dangerous species (Aedes albopictus etc). For this purpose, we identify mosquito larvae collected from the various breeding waters in the city and also imagos caught at different sampling points in Szeged.

This study was supported by: Environmental Management Non-profit Ltd. of Szeged, Hungary